Brava Disabled Foundation is a non-profit organization that was inaugurated as an extension of Brava’s ongoing need for assistance. The foundation was birthed out of a visit, to Brava, by the, now, President and Founder-Joe Goncalves, who upon numerous encounters with many deficient individuals was moved to make a difference.  Upon returning to America, he shared his experience with a few like-minded friends and acquaintances, who joined forces and hearts with him in the cause. The goal as a non-profit charitable organization is to bring benefits to those with special needs. 

The area of service selected was aid to the island’s least fortunate inhabitants (those with special needs), who lack medical intervention and element. These individuals, who suffer from physical and mental ailments, are often left without essentials due to their impoverished state and lack of available means to meet their needs. They vary from children to adult and so do their needs. This is where Brava Disabled Foundation enters the area with hope and a helping hand. 

Brava being the smallest of the Cabo Verde Islands, has always trailed the others in many areas to include: job opportunities, scholastic advancements, medical facilities and as well as personal care and relief. The foundation’s objective is monthly financial support to those in need of food and monetary aid for medical treatment. This, oftentimes, means a ferry ride to the adjacent islands of Fogo and or Santaigo, for a better medical assessment, as Brava’s hospital, is limited in regard to the capacity of advanced medical care.

Meet Team Brava

The volunteer members are everyday people with various backgrounds such as: carpentry, real estate, engineers, business owners, a former ship captain and past mayor of Brava, and also a law firm representative. The one thing they have in common is their passion for serving the dire in need.

Joe Goncalves
Joe GoncalvesPresident|Kissimmee, FL.
407 436 6142
Orlando Balla
Orlando BallaVice President | West Palm, FL
Mimi Fonseca
Mimi Fonseca Treasurer | Pawtucket RI.
401 617 2122
Amelia Cardoso
Amelia CardosoSecretary |Pawtucket RI
401 660 9787
Viriato Gomes
Viriato GomesRep in Brava
Jose de Burgo
Jose de BurgoRep in Brava
 Nei Miranda
Nei MirandaBrockton, Ma.
508 208 3094
Rita Fortes
Rita FortesPawtucket RI
401 572 0212
Eligio DeBurgo
Eligio DeBurgoPawtucket RI
401 868 8519
Manny & Rosa Gomes
Manny & Rosa GomesNapa Valley, Ca.
707 227 5182
Ildo & Micai Sena
Ildo & Micai SenaTampa FL
Helena Gomes
Helena GomesPawtucket RI
 401 548 6513
Raul Spinola
Raul SpinolaNew Bedford, Ma
774 360 1921
Joao & Maria Alves
Joao & Maria AlvesEast Providence Ri
401 440 0979‬


We the members, who are people of faith, strongly believe that God put us in this world to do His will, and one of them is to serve others; primarily those with special needs. We also understand that whatever we have belongs to Him and all we are doing is sharing what is already His, for He is the Giver of all good things, to include love and compassion to be spread to our fellow brethren. Our families are blessed to enjoy this life and one way to thank Him is by helping those who cannot help themselves. There could be no better place to be His hands and feet than in Brava, the smallest island making up the Cabo Verde Islands. Brava has always had the most need, making her the choice selection to give back to.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.