BRAVA’S DISABLED FOUNDATION is made up of a team of compassion led individuals, who strongly believe that it is, both, our duty and privilege to serve those less fortunate. We are confident that through God’s will and providing grace, we can embrace this calling. It is for this very reason that our organization was established.

Additionally,  we are assured that there are many, who like us, share our passion. Together, we can and will be the difference others less opportune need.


Think Big. Act Bigger.

We the members, who are people of faith, strongly believe that God put us in this world to do His will, and one of them is to serve others; primarily those with special needs. We also understand that whatever we have belongs to Him and all we are doing is sharing what is already His, for He is the Giver of all good things, to include love and compassion to be spread to our fellow brethren. Our families are blessed to enjoy this life and one way to thank Him is by helping those who cannot help themselves. There could be no better place to be His hands and feet then in Brava, the smallest island making up the Cabo Verde Islands. Brava has always had the most need, making her the choice selection to give back to.


Projects currently in progress across the island

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As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.